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Windshield Frame Stiffeners


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Without Stiffeners, the only thing that keeps your windshield frame in position with the hard top removed (and paint on your doors) is the thin rubber that glues to the windshield frame. By installing windshield frame Stiffeners it holds the frame solid now you can adjust them forward so you can maintain a proper door gap. This is crucial when installing a soft top that relies on tension being pulled on the top to make it tighter. There are many different roll cage designs out there these days, so we have a few options, select a stiffener that will allow you to adjust your windshield-to-door gap and secure your windshield frame.

These stiffeners are 6″, 9.5″ and 12.5″ long center to center with about 1.25″ of adjustment. (If you are looking for really long ones for 4 point cage see 75-00122) One end bolts to the stock windshield frame and the other end bolts to a provided, weld on tab. The tab is welded to the front of the roll bar. Ball studs make them flexible, and they are adjustable and lock with 2 wrenches. WE ONLY USE FK HEIMS, NOT “CHEAP JUNK” HEIMS.

These rods are intentionally made with a small diameter, so you cannot use them as a handle to pull yourself into the Bronco or to brace yourself in the event of a rollover. (Using larger rods might encourage someone to use their stiffeners in this manner, which could lead to severe injury or even loss of your digits.) Never keep your hand on them.


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4", 8", 11"

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