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Bronco Buildup


Driver side unrestored Unrestored inside

Pass side unrestored


We started by stripping the Bronco down to the frame, then having all of the parts sand blasted so that we could see exactly what we were looking at as far as rust or stress cracks. We started working on the frame first. Once we reworked the factory welds and knocked off all of the old slag, we were ready to start mocking up new parts. We cut off the stock shock mounts and welded on F-250 front shock mounts, a cross enter prizes rear shock hoop and a steering box frame reinforcement kit. We tapped the holes for the fuel, return and brake line mounting clamps and then sent it off to be powder coated White.
 rust holes Sand blasted Bronco

Bare Bronco frame Bronco frame powder coated white

We can start putting on the good stuff. We started with the steering box and suspension, so we can get some axles under it as quick as possible.

Bronco with suspension and steering box




Bronco frame with rear axle installed


 Bronco frame with front end

While we were setting up the frame Chuck was building a 450 horse 351W

building the 351W


setting the motor in the frame


 new 351W motor in the frame

crossmember PS cooler

The motor done air filter


Art Carr built the C-6 transmission we built the D-20 with a 300M output shaft

Artcar C6 installedTrans in frame as body is going on



body not painted body at the body shop

inner paint work body with lining under side

Body going on the frame

Body back from paint



We started running all of the wiring. While the body was at paint we set up the wiring harness with all of the extra stuff we were putting in the Bronco, we added EFI, A/C, power windows, heated seats, off road lights and a trans cooler, plus all of the little upgrades that makes for a lot of stuff. Because we set up the harness we just started mounting parts and plugging them in.

all of the parts we need to install

EFI engine wiring


EFI tank wiring

LP light wiring12V socket




We started with our new dash this one only had the glove box moved over 5" and the stock speedo hole we then added two holes for the new F150 vents one hole for the upgrade A/C controls and 5 holes for the switches we needed. The dash is a very important part of your Bronco for obvious reasons. But it is more than that, you look at it the whole time you are driving. When you lay out your dash you want to make sure you can see all of the gauges a glance and get to all of the switches and vents without having to reach too far. Rob wanted a dash that didn't have a lot of clutter simple and smart. We only have 3 main switches to deal with #1 a key hole #2 a head light switch and #3 a wiper switch, then we added 2 more 1 for each seat heater and that was it. After we made sure the bezels and vents fit we had the dash powder coated black.


starting to work on the dash


back from the powdercoater

 installing dashguage with lights onupgrade ac controls lit up

finished dash installed




dash showing column and steering wheel power window switch and door panle

rear floor track floor track covered

rear seat installed seatbelt bar and seats

front seats from left front seats from right

Shift cover door bling


sound bar

sun visors windshield sitffner





BC Bronco custom script

This is how you recognize the new standard in quality

This new emblem is only given to Customers that have us build them a

complete BC Bronco.

open tire rackJack mount

This is the Protofab rear bumper with a tire carrier holding a 295/70/17" Nitto terra Grappler and wheel,

we added a jack mount so we could install a bottle jack without taking up any space in the Bronco.


D20 gear GawkerUnder side of Bronco
D20 with Gear Gawker and 300M output shaft Magna flow muffler and turndown new Ford 9" with disc brakes



Engine compartment finished up

Robs Bronco at the lake

Here it is, the finished product