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51-13100 Coil Springs, 2.5″ Lift for Early Bronco


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2.5″ (pair) Our coils are american made to our specs. They are linier coils so each coil takes it’s share of the load and gives it’s share of flex. The result is a very flexible coil that give a great ride but do not sag. We have determined that a stock Bronco will measure 7″ from the top of the front axle tube to the bottom of the frame. If you will jack your EB body up to where you want it and measure between to two points above then subtract the 7″ the results should give you the lift you are looking for. If you are running a winch select the winch coils for the lift you want. The above is a guide to help you determine which coil you need. We can not know your bronco so when you get the coils set them in and put the weight of your EB on them. Push the body down a few times to seat the springs and look at how the EB sets. If you like the look finish the install. If you do not like the height return them in new condition and let us know how much higher or lower you would like and we will exchange them. You will be responsible for shipping. After you are finished installing any of the above parts you need to check to be sure that there is no binds or other hindrances to free movement. Some of the places to check are (at full droop) Does the driveshaft bind. Are the brake lines stretched, does the upper track bar bushing bind, does the drag link bind at the tie rod or pitman arm. Does the tie rod hit the shocks or track bar bolt on the diff. At full compression does the diff. and/or tierods hit the oil pan. Does the tie rod contact the drop pitman arm.

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Weight 53 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 8 in
BC Broncos custom part?


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