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47-00350 Heim Joint Stud for Early Bronco Bigger F150 size



This chromoly tapered shank will fit the F-150 knuckles and pitman arm to provide a good solid mounting point for the heim joint/rod end. The F150 ends are bigger and stronger than stock tie rods. This is a much more secure way to mount the heim to your knuckles and pitman arm. One stud and two locking nuts are included. The studs are heat treated to 45 RC 4130 and gold zinc coated. 3/4″ Designed with 2 flat spots, “wrench reliefs” on the top of the stud so you can prevent the stud from turning when removing the nut something you can not do with a standard tierod end.

Reaming is required for all 66-77 knuckles drum or disc over “TRO” or under “TRU.

If you are using F150 knuckles these are a direct install for TRU.

For TRO for all knuckles (except 76,77) you will need to ream and use our TRO bushing.

Additional information

Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 5 in
BC Broncos custom part?


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