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80-32012 #15 Invisabox


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When installing a Coyote in your Bronco, you have a dilemma: where do you install the fuse box? You are limited by the wire length they provide. If you add AC, you run out of accessible space really fast. You may need to access the fuses at anytime. We came up with a great fix for this.

We call it the “Invisabox” because it makes the contents invisible. It takes up almost no space in the inside of the passenger compartment, and allows you to access the Coyote fuse box at anytime. The best part is, now you won’t need to find a place to mount the fuse/relay box. On the new Gen 3 wire harness, the fuse box wiring is even shorter than the earlier versions, making it harder to find a good mounting place for the box.

We use up the dead space between the inner and outer fender, gaining you space, providing a secure mount, and keeping most of the wires out of the passenger compartment. After we installed a few Invisaboxes, we realized we could make it even better and easier to install by adding a bigger flange to the upper left side, which filled the rest the hole that is no longer used by the stock fresh air box, and is pre-drilled for the AC hoses to pass through.

With a lift-off door, you can easily remove it to change fuses or relays. You can even use it to get power for testing! The word “FUSES” is cut into the door for easy identification, and if you want to leave the plastic box cover off, you can even change out the regular fuses for the ones that light up when they blow out. This would then light up the “FUSES” cut-out in the door, making diagnostics as fast as the speed of light.


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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in
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