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75-00097 Classic Media Console with Bluetooth and Aluminum Rear View Mirror


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This is the “Classic Media Console” version, it comes complete with 5.25″ Cerwin Vega/Diamond Audio speakers, 100 watt Amp, Bluetooth receiver, console-mounted aluminum panoramic rear view mirror (removes it from the windshield) and bright dome light. It is already pre-wired, just make one connection to your harness. These parts are housed in the “Classic Wiper Cover” that covers all stock wiper types for all 66-77 Bronco years, yet you do not lose line of sight through the windshield. *Made to be used with a soft top or hard top. You will need to use at least a soft top header so that the wiper cover will not stick up over the windshield frame. This system is designed to give you a “radio” without having to install anything in the dash, this is really more like Voice speakers, something you can hear without having to turn it up really loud to hear over the wind, tires and exhaust. If you want a more complete sound system you can add our 10″ sub and amp under the passenger or rear seat.

Want something more custom? Just call us and we can make one to fit your needs. Custom options such as narrower (to fit custom cages), wireless back up camera with 7″ monitor, 12V sockets, GPS, cell phone mounts, USB charge/audio in combo and more are available.

The wiper cover is made of bare, paintable steel – not a cheap plastic cover. All you need to do is prep and paint or powder coat.

*This cover has an open top so you can access the amp controls, add in a hidden charge socket, CB mike or other device. We tested a cover early on, and it muffled the sound so we left it off. As a redhead, I would never consider running without some kind of over head cover, but there are a few that do. You may want to consider making a cover for the console. Because a windshield riser is required, you can have a mini bikini top made to fit into the riser like a regular bikini top would (but really short), add a few snaps, and you can have a removable soft cover.

**If you run without a top, and without something to support the windshield frame, the wind will just push your windshield frame into your door frame. With most Broncos you cant even close the door because the windshield frame is in the way and has to be pushed forward to close the door. When you add heavy wipers, a bikini top riser and cover it adds more weight making the issue worse. Without stiffeners the only thing that keeps your windshield frame in position, and paint on your doors, is the thin rubber that glues to the windshield frame. To fix this, you need to support the frame – there are many different stiffener designs because there are many different roll cage designs available, so pick a stiffener that will allow you to adjust your windshield to door gap and secure your windshield frame

WIPER COVER MADE IN THE USAElectronic components may be sourced from various locations.


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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 16 × 10 in
BC Broncos custom part?


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