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62-30033 #2 Billet Internal HOOD RELEASE


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Our new internal hood release is a great upgrade to your Bronco this will secure your engine and help prevent someone from stealing it. We know how much Broncos are going for these days, so securing them is even more important than ever. This brand new polished billet aluminum design incorporates the cable mounting and safety built in. We designed this piece 

to have all of the mounting, cable mount and spring completely contained within the one piece.

To make sure that even if the pivot pin were to come loose it could not come out or release the hood, we also use a ultra strong stainless steel bolt rated at 65,000 psi. We also designed the mechanism so the spring is not visible. From the front of the Bronco.

The cable is mounted in the dash using parts that look stock, if you removed a stock switch you could reuse that hole or drill a new one. The kit comes with the mechanism, cable, bezel, knob with removable insert and stainless steel hardware.


The cable can be upgraded to use the Lokar cable 62-30035

2021 PRODUCT #2

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 3 in
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