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11-50111 Accumulator Filter 1 Qt. Long Version for Early Bronco


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When you convert to EFI you need to update your fuel supply system also. The problem is if you allow your fuel level to drop to a point where the fuel can slosh away from the fuel pickup in the tank the EFI pump will pick up air. With the stock EB fuel plumbing that air bubble must pass through the fuel pump and injector rail if you have a return. The air in the fuel pump will cause the fuel pressure to drop or will pass through the injectors, either way, the engine will run poorly for a time depending on how much air was sucked into the system. The fix is either an in-tank pump or an accumulator tank. With our accumulator filter the fuel and any bubbles will be pushed into the filter tank, the air will rise and the fuel will filter. The air will return to the tank. The fuel will be picked up from the bottom of the tank by the EFI pump and sent to the fuel rail and injectors. The unused fuel will either return to the Acc filter and be reused or will return to the main tank. The Acc filter will hold about 1 qt of fuel. The filter and top are 9 1/2″ over all.

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Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 7 in
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