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11-80231 Arctic Air Filter Box 86-92 for Early Ford Bronco (may not be available until 2023)


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Our new Arctic Air Filter Box is a two chamber box designed to keep the air filter dry and as dirt free as possible while using cold air from outside the engine compartment. The air is pulled into the box through the hood vent. When the air turns the corner, dirt and water drop out of the air because they are heavier. The dirt and water then exit through holes in the first chamber. The second chamber houses the filter and mass air flow sensor (MAF) and has a removable top for easy access to the filter. The kit (#11-80231) comes with the two chamber box, a washable filter, silicone hose, MAF bracket, hood gasket and hardware.

Here are the features that make the Arctic Air Filter Box a step above any other air filter option:

á The mass air flow sensor is housed in the box and is protected from rotor wash (pulses from the fan which can confuse or give false information to the sensor).

á The filter is inside the box, keeping it from being damaged and being exposed to water and excess dirt or mud. We offer a washable filter with the kit, but we researched and made sure we could also use a paper filter from the parts store. We found two different types of compatible paper filters, including the available stock ’94-’04 Mustang filter.

á The filtered air that is used by the engine is pulled from outside the hood instead of 180*-250* air pulled in from just above the exhaust manifold/ header. This equals cleaner exhaust, better fuel atomization, more horsepower and better fuel mileage.

á With this system you retain most of your passenger inner fender. You can still mount your coolant recovery bottle, transmission cooler or tool box on the inner fender.

á The metal (nonplastic) box comes with a bracket to use the stock ’89-’93 mass air flow sensor (MAF) which is round on both sides. If you are using the stock ’94-’95 or the stock ’96-’01 MAF (four bolt flange on one side), you will need kit part # 11-80233

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 13 in
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