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66-50100 Canvas Soft Top, Black, with Clear Side Windows


This is the BC Broncos soft top, designed for a better look than other tops. You can bolt it on your Bronco using original windshield, bed and door rubbers. You can use your stock door and get it to seal, with stock rubber. Y ou can run it with or without the sides and back on it. This strong but light frame is a solid platform that you can later build on with some cool upgrades, like roof rack, light bar and roof top tents. You have 20 color options for the canvas and can be ordered with custom powder coated frame work. You also have the option for clear and tinted windows.


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After years of design and many prototypes we now have a top that we would like to have on our Broncos. With this new top, you can use stock type door rubber to seal stock doors or any door that will seal against the stock top, this is not just some cheap rod but an actual frame with a rain gutter. The whole frame is strong enough to hold a roof rack with a considerable amount of weight. The roof rack mounting brackets are welded to every frame for this future upgrade. You have 20 different colors to choose from, or you can mix and match colors for a cool, unique look. The top comes with removable clear windows, but you can upgrade to dark tint. If you look closely, you will see that the rear of the top has the same slope as the stock top and the windows follow that same line. Because of the way we designed the frame, it allowed us to not have a bar going through the side window giving a cleaner look. When installing the top we used factory windshield and bed side holes to hold the top in place but on the tailgate, you will need to drill 5 small screw holes on the inside to mount the Stainless Steel tailgate lip protector. There are two oversize boxes so there will be a shipping charge of $200.00 to $250.00. Please disregard the shipping quote when placing your order on-line. NOTE: There is a 4 to 8 week wait time on the top as it is built after you place your order.

Basic inside measurements to be sure the top will fit under your roll cage

Here are the top rails and riser that are part of the frame for the BC Broncos soft top.

Here are the side and over door parts to the BC Broncos soft top.

This the color chart for the BC Broncos soft top with 20 colors

BC Broncos soft top in White

BC Broncos Burgundy soft top

Additional information

Weight 180.00 lbs
BC Broncos custom part?


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