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86-22001 D.U.I. Distributor, 302


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Performance Distributors Ford D.U.I. (Davis Unified Ignition) is the only one-piece ignition system for Fords! This is a simple, drop-in unit. The coil is inside the cap and the module is inside the distributor. Just run one 12-volt hot wire to the distributor and you’re ready to run! There is also an optional tach hook-up. The D.U.I. eliminates ALL of the messy wiring found on stock Ford electronic ignition systems. This really cleans up the engine compartment. USE OF THIS DISTRIBUTOR REQUIRES A 1″ BODY LIFT OR A RAISED HOOD The Street/Strip Ford D.U.I. is built with a 50,000-volt coil that allows a whopping .055″ plug gap to be run and this will provide a more powerful explosion of the fuel mixture. The Dyna Module is designed with more electronic dwell time producing a hotter spark. No ballast resistor is used. Stock Ford systems and many aftermarket systems require a ballast resistor which reduces the voltage in the ignition system. The D.U.I. allows FULL voltage into the ignition system, providing a better spark and more power. Every D.U.I. is curved on a Distributor machine based on the specs of your Ford motor. A super smooth curve will eliminate engine damaging detonation provide instant throttle response. The Ford D.U.I. is a real work of craftsmanship. Although it is uniquely designed, replacement parts are easy to find. High Energy Ignition (H.E.I.) replacement parts will fit right on the D.U.I. The unit is polished and lubed as it is assembled. Built for durability, the D.U.I. has an upper and a lower bushing, unlike stock Ford distributors with only one bushing. This is not a stocking item and ships from the manufacturer. There is a separate shipping charge for this item.

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Weight 12.00 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 11 in

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