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86-21523/86-21521 Spark Plug Boot Protectors Set of 8 Black


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The sleeving on the LiveWires is designed to protect the wire from extreme heat but unfortunately, this sleeving does not cover the plug boots. The boots are made from a high-temperature silicone and are designed to withstand 600¡ F, but on some engines, the header tubes or exhaust manifolds are so close that they will cause the boots to eventually blister or burn. To protect the boots from these extreme temperatures we now offer the Boot Sleeve Protectors. These boot protectors are designed to fit around the plug boots and reflect the heat away from them. Up to 1200 degrees of protection! The sleeves have double wall thickness for excellent protection yet they are flexible and easy to install. Boot Sleeve protectors will work with all boot angles including 90¡, 135¡ and 180¡. They are available in your choice of Blue, Black or Red. SOLD IN SETS OF 8. This is not a stocking item and ships from the manufacturer. There is a separate shipping charge for this item.

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Weight 3.00 lbs

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