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12-11111 BC Heavy Duty Triple Pass Radiator, Copper Core for Early Bronco


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With a standard radiator the coolant comes into one tank, passes through the core tubes where it is cooled and then into the other tank. From there back into the engine. This has worked well for many years. The drawback to this is there is no control of how much coolant flows through which tubes. In a cross flow radiator like the Bronco, I believe most of the coolant flows through the top part of the radiator. The further down the core tube is the less coolant flows through it. I have checked this idea with a heat gun many times and always the highest temps are at the top of the cross flow radiator. To improve the flow and cooling we are using the same heavy duty high-density copper radiator that we have been selling for years. But now we have had baffles installed in the tanks to force the coolant to pass through 1/3 of the radiator at a time 3 times. This radiator can not have the internal transmission cooler installed because of the baffles so to use it with an automatic you will need to use an external trans cooler. This is not a stocking item, it ships directly from the manufacturer. There will be a separate shipping charge for this item

These radiators are made when ordered and take about 3 weeks for delivery.

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