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12-11110 Heavy Duty 3-Core Copper Radiator Manual for Early Bronco


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The B.C. heavy duty copper radiator is made using the same design that makes the new aluminum radiator work so well. While aluminum is only half as efficient at dissipating heat the shortcomings of aluminum are overcome by the fin and tube design i.e., more fins and tubes per inch. The shape of the fins and tubes and the fins being attached to the tubes, make better heat transfer. By making radiators from copper, using this aluminum radiator design, we can get more radiator in less space. Our radiator is only 2.25″ deep (it will fit in your brackets without bending them) and only has 3 rows of tubes but it weighs 33% more than the 2.75″ 4-row radiators that we have found. The extra weight comes from more fins and tubes. The 4-row radiators we checked had a total of 128 tubes 1/2″ deep and 11 fins per inch. Our 3-core radiator has 135 tubes that are 5/8″ deep and has 15 fins per inch. Get better cooling at an affordable price! This is not a stocking item, it ships directly from the manufacturer. There is a separate shipping charge for this item.

These radiators are made when ordered and take about 3 weeks for delivery.

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Weight 47.00 lbs

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