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21-11200  ZF Trans Adapter kit for Early Bronco

21-11200 ZF Trans Adapter kit for Early Bronco

$ 399.99

The Ford ZF transmission is the best manual transmission available for your Early Bronco. This is a state of the art five-speed transmission that shifts smoothly and has an excellent low gear as well as overdrive. ZF transmissions are easy to find and will bolt right to your 302 or 351 Windsor. BC Broncos has developed this adapter to mate the ZF to the Dana 20 transfer case. You must use a ZF transmission from a 1988 or later Ford 4X4 pickup with a small block engine (302/5.0 or 351/5.8). You can fabricate your own crossmember or use the one we have specially designed for this application . Your stock EB flywheel and clutch will work with the ZF. A 6\" X 7\" hole in the tunnel cover is required. The kit comes with the adapter, spudshaft, spudshaft bearing, bearing retainer, seal, t-case shifter bracket and all hardware. The adapter ships directly from the manufacturer. There will be a seperate shipping charge for this item.

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