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11-11011  FUEL TANK, 23 GAL, CARB for Early Bronco

11-11011 FUEL TANK, 23 GAL, CARB for Early Bronco

$ 498.99

This tank can be used for EFI or carbs. With our mounting system on our 23 gal. fuel tank you can adjust it up or down to match your body lift and if you decide to add or remove a body lift later you can readjust the tank . The mounting system adds strength to the tank and provides a place to mount the optional skid plate. Our mounting system mounts the tank to the frame in four places. The other tanks available are mounted against the floor with one strap. The construction is 14 GA aluminized steel for strength and rust resistance. The tank has one 3/8" fuel pickup, two 5/16" vents/returns, a pan for EFI and two baffles It comes with the sending unit and mounting hardware. The tank has a access hole and the bulkhead connector making it ready to install the mustang in-tank pump. The sump in this tank makes it the only true EFI tank made for EBs. The tank now comes with A/N fittings welded on to the fuel pickup and return. This tank also comes with one push lock A/N fitting if your using rubber hose and one A/N cap.

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